The Evolution of an Artist: From Cuba to the International Scene

The Evolution of an Artist: From Cuba to the International Scene

From my first sketches in my native Cuba to creating works that resonate in international galleries, my journey as an artist is a testament to perseverance, talent, and an unwavering passion for art. This journey not only showcases my development as a visual artist but also my ability to fuse various forms of artistic expression into a complete sensory experience.

Synesthesia: The Confluence of Art and Music

I am more than a painter; I am a multimedia artist and composer whose work flows from the visual to the auditory, creating a diverse aesthetic performance. I challenge traditional divisions between painting and music, merging them into a creative continuum that encompasses paintings, prints, drawings, watercolors, videos, poetry, prose, and musical compositions. This fusion invites the viewer to an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between the senses of sight and hearing.

Explorations and Creative Freedom

My work is part of a trajectory of creative possibilities that have allowed me to explore my cosmological vision of existence without restrictions. The freedom to mix media and challenge traditional categorizations has enabled me to address universal questions about the meaning of life and existence. Inspired by the ability to integrate multiple art forms, I have found my own way to unite the visual and auditory into a cohesive and engaging experience.

Mentorship and the Paradox of Creation

The mentorship of Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero in Cuba was crucial for my artistic development. Guerrero awakened me to the possibilities of interchange between words and images, supplemented by sound. This became the foundation for my intermedia artistic practice, where I create artistic life for a multitude of interspecies beings, existing in states of anthropomorphic combinations that defy the limitations of organic life.

The Parable of Existence

One of the central narratives in my work is a parable I myself recount: "Man is genuinely overwhelmed by the evil around him and seeks answers from Adam and Eve. They, through a pantomime performance accompanied only by music, construct a machine that processes a fruit and gives the man a taste of its essence. In doing so, the man forgets his agony and his question, seeing only mist from then on." This spiritual narrative is a constant in my work, evoking Hebrew scriptures and John Milton’s "Paradise Lost."

From Parable to Multimedia

I do not limit myself to painting; my work includes complex multimedia performances where I unify visual arts with video and music, juxtaposing realism and abstraction. This approach takes the viewer on a journey from the signs of material existence to a spiritual universe, moving between tonalities of light and dark. In this process, I assume that geometry and mathematics define proportional relationships in visual and musical composition, uniting the abstract harmony of creation with the material nature of the universe.

Artistic Syncretism

For me, spirituality is essential for existence, and my intermedia artistic practice creates an intermediate reality that unites my intentionality with the viewer’s engagement. Communicating my personal interpretation of a spiritual reality, I define the existence, purpose, and destiny of our species. The "Brumas" series exemplifies this quest, exploring the dissolution of form into color and light, and then into sound, evoking the trajectory of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Abstract art.

Influences and Resonances

My work is influenced by figures such as Wassily Kandinsky, Cornelius Cardew, and the mysticism of Odilon Redon. Kandinsky, in particular, linked painting with the stimulation of emotions and spiritual awakening, influences I have adopted and adapted in my own art. Additionally, I integrate Pythagoras’s philosophical concepts about the "Music of the Spheres," creating a synesthetic experience where sight and hearing exchange places, challenging traditional sensory perceptions.

Exploration of Alternative Realities

My works invite viewers into a visionary, essentially spiritual universe, where crossing sensory boundaries induces a state of synesthetic awareness. This approach causes a dislocation of sensory perception, allowing an interchangeable aesthetic and sensory experience between sight and sound. This synesthesia, defined as an alternative cognitive reality, is the territory I explore, using sensory stimuli to evoke deep emotional states.

Emotional Impact and Enargeia

The concept of enargeia, the ability of artworks to recreate lived experiences in an emotional encounter between the viewer and the artwork, is central to my work. This exchange of realities allows viewers to see the human condition and its history through my eyes and mind, living the emotional life of my narrative as they absorb it. In this sense, my work transcends the limits of traditional artistic representation, creating a bridge between art and life.


My evolution as an artist is a story of resilience and growth. From my humble beginnings in Cuba to my recognition on the international art scene, my journey is a testament to the power of art to transcend borders and connect with the human soul. Every work I create is not only an expression of my talent but also a reflection of my personal history and unwavering creative spirit. My ability to fuse painting and music into a unique synesthetic experience positions me as an innovator in the contemporary art landscape.

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