The Influence of Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero on the Work of Abisay Puentes

The Influence of Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero on the Work of Abisay Puentes

In this introductory post, I want to share a series of reflections and analyses on the profound influence that Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero has had on my artistic career. This series of three posts will focus on Dr. Guerrero's writings about my work, breaking down his observations and discussing how they have shaped my approach and evolution as an artist.

Meeting Dr. Guerrero

My journey with Dr. Guerrero began at a crucial moment in my life. I had been expelled from the National Art School in Havana, Cuba, a devastating blow for any young artist. However, amidst this adversity, I met Dr. Guerrero, an art historian and philosopher whose wisdom and generosity would change my life forever. He took me in as his student and began teaching me the philosophy and history of art, opening the doors to a world of knowledge and understanding that was previously unknown to me.

The Theory of Verse to Canvas

One of the most influential aspects of Dr. Guerrero's teachings was his theory of "Verse to Canvas." This theory taught me to see painting not just as a visual art but as a form of expression that can be deeply integrated with music and poetry. I learned to compose music for my paintings, creating a synesthesia of sound and image that has become a distinctive feature of my work.

Quote from Dr. Guerrero: "The painter's work moves between two tensions. Desolation pulls at the faces, causing them to disappear like a conjured piece of tanned leather. Hope restores their weightless roundness. The passion of fear, the passion of waiting. All his drawings are inhabited by the message of the book of Revelation of Saint John"【22:8†source】.

The Parable: A Transformative Fiction

Inspired by Dr. Guerrero's teachings, I began writing "The Parable," a fiction that initially aimed to be a source of inspiration for a series of paintings. However, this project evolved significantly over time. "The Parable" transformed into a series of poems that not only influenced my painting but also became the basis of my music. This literary work has become a central piece of my artistic expression, integrating all forms of art into a coherent and deeply personal narrative.

Personal Commentary: "The Parable" is an exploration of themes of redemption, struggle, and hope. Through this story and the poems that compose it, I have been able to delve into the human condition, exploring our internal struggles and our search for meaning in a world often chaotic and discouraging. This work has not only influenced my visual art but has also been a constant source of inspiration for my music, creating a synergy between the different media of expression I use.

The Importance of Dr. Guerrero's Writings

The series of three posts following this introduction will focus on Dr. Guerrero's analyses and observations of my work. These writings are fundamental to understanding the depth and complexity of my work. Dr. Guerrero has been able to unravel the themes and techniques I use, providing an invaluable perspective on my evolution as an artist.

Upcoming Posts:

  1. The Apocalyptic Vision in the Work of Abisay Puentes: We will explore how Dr. Guerrero analyzes the influence of the Apocalypse in my work, breaking down the tensions between despair and hope that characterize my paintings.
  2. Spiritual Realism in the Painting of Abisay Puentes: We will discuss the concept of spiritual realism, highlighting how my work reflects a search for meaning and redemption in a deeply human and spiritual context.
  3. The Baroque Dimension in the Work of Abisay Puentes: We will address the influence of the Baroque in my style, especially in the use of light and shadow, and how this dramatic and emotional approach manifests in my compositions.


Through this series of posts, I hope to offer a deeper and more complete understanding of my work and the impact that Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero has had on my artistic development. His teachings and writings have provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge and technique, and they have been a constant source of inspiration and reflection. I am excited to share this exploration of my work with you and to pay tribute to a mentor and friend whose impact on my life and art is immeasurable.

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