The Creation of 'Machine City': Walking Through the Streets of a Machine City

The Creation of 'Machine City': Walking Through the Streets of a Machine City

Art, in its essence, not only reflects reality but also questions and transforms it. In my series 'Machine City', I critically explore the power structures that shape and control society. This collection of ink drawings on paper does not represent a modern city per se, but rather a complex and abstract machinery created by different layers of power to maintain control over individuals.

Inspiration and Context

'Machine City' emerged from my critical observations of how institutions manipulate information and perpetuate narratives that consolidate their control. Using various colored inks on paper, I aim to capture the intricate web of factors that make this massive deception possible. My interest in these themes dates back to my experiences in Cuba, where I witnessed firsthand how authoritarian regimes can influence and control the population.

As a child, my mother wanted me to be a pianist, enrolling me in piano classes that I despised. My true passion was always painting. As I grew older, I decided to focus on studying art, leaving the piano behind. However, Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero introduced me to his 'verse to canvas' theory, encouraging me to integrate music with painting. This combination of disciplines became a fundamental characteristic of my work, where each drawing is accompanied by a musical composition that enhances the viewer's sensory experience.

Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero's 'verse to canvas' theory posits that poetry, music, and painting are intrinsically connected. This interdisciplinary approach allowed me to rediscover my love for music and understand how I could integrate my musical compositions with my drawings to create a more complete and immersive artistic experience. The music not only serves as an accompaniment but amplifies and deepens the visual message, allowing viewers a more intimate and personal connection with the artwork.

Key Elements of the Series

  1. Machinery and Architecture: In 'Machine City', the machinery is manifested through floating architectural fragments, inspired by Renaissance and Gothic styles. These buildings lack a defined form and appear suspended in the air, assembling in multiple directions. They are surrounded by an intricate network of cables that symbolizes the complexity and opacity of the power structures governing our lives. The architecture in my drawings does not seek to replicate reality but to evoke a sense of disconnection and alienation, reflecting how power structures dehumanize and control.

  2. Social Critique: Each drawing symbolically represents the forces of control and manipulation operating in society. The tangled cables around the buildings illustrate the web of influences and factors that make this control possible. Through these elements, I make the invisible visible: the underlying dynamics that manipulate public perception and perpetuate power hegemony.


Creative Process

The creative process for 'Machine City' is both introspective and exploratory. I use various colored inks on paper to capture the essence of this social critique. I spend hours reflecting, sketching, and developing my ideas, allowing each piece to evolve organically. This approach enables me to delve into how architecture and urban design can serve as metaphors for power structures.

Each drawing undergoes several stages, from initial sketches to the application of details and textures with inks. Texture is a crucial component, providing a tactile and visual sense of depth. The different ink colors add nuances and contrasts that enrich the visual narrative of each piece.

My creative process is not limited to drawing. Each visual work has its soundscape, a musical composition that I create specifically to accompany it. This music is not merely a complement but an integral part of the work, amplifying its emotional and conceptual impact. Dr. Guerrero's theory of 'verse to canvas' has been fundamental in my practice, guiding me in the fusion of music and painting to create a complete artistic experience.

Personal Reflections

For me, 'Machine City' is more than a series of drawings; it is an exploration of my own relationship with modernity and information manipulation. Growing up in Cuba and then emigrating to the United States, I have seen how institutions can shape public perception and control the narrative. This experience has been a constant source of inspiration in my work.

Integrating music into my art reflects my personal and artistic evolution. Although I initially rebelled against the piano, I eventually understood that music could enrich my artistic practice. This realization led me to create compositions that dialogue with my drawings, adding a sonic dimension that deepens the viewer's experience.

Impact and Reception

Since its debut, the 'Machine City' series has been praised for its conceptual depth and technical execution. Viewers find themselves reflecting on their own relationship with the urban environment and power structures. The works invite deep contemplation, encouraging observers to question modernity and their place within it.

The series has had a significant impact, especially among those interested in social critique and art philosophy. The complexity of the works, combined with their ability to evoke deep emotions and thoughts, has resonated with a diverse audience. This positive response encourages me to continue exploring these themes and developing my artistic practice in this direction.


'Machine City' is a series that challenges viewers to see beyond the obvious, to question the reality of the power structures that influence their lives. Through my art, I take them on a journey through a city where the lines between the human and the mechanical blur, offering a vision that is both captivating and unsettling of urban life.

The series is not only a reflection on modernity but also a testament to the power of art to capture and transform our perception of the world. Walking through the streets of a 'Machine City', viewers are invited to see the world through my eyes, to question and perhaps find new ways to understand their place in the machinery of modern life.

I hope this series not only provokes critical reflection but also inspires viewers to consider their own relationships with power structures and to seek ways to resist and challenge these narratives. Art has the power to transform and empower, and I believe that 'Machine City' can be a catalyst for this type of change.

In summary, 'Machine City' is an invitation to explore, question, and reflect. It is a call to look beyond the surface and seek the hidden truths that lie beneath dominant narratives. Through this series, I hope to contribute to a broader dialogue about the nature of power, freedom, and resistance in contemporary society.

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