The 'BRUMAS' Series: A Journey Through the Parable

The 'BRUMAS' Series: A Journey Through the Parable

The 'BRUMAS' Series: A Journey Through the Parable

Since childhood, I have always had a deep connection with art, although my mother initially enrolled me in piano lessons, which I hated with all my heart. It was through drawing and painting that I found my true voice, a path that led me to develop a series of works exploring the depths of the human condition and identity. The 'BRUMAS' series is one of these explorations, based on a parable I wrote that has been a constant in my creative life.

The Origin of 'BRUMAS'

The parable that inspires 'BRUMAS' was born from an assignment my art history and philosophy professor, Dr. Juan Enrique Guerrero, gave me. "Write a story," he said. Thus, a small parable was born, which eventually grew and transformed into a series of poems. This parable not only became the seed of my series of paintings but also a continuous reflection on my life and experiences.

In the parable, a man encounters Adam and Eve and asks them a fundamental question about existence: why is there so much evil in the world, and why does it affect us so much? From there, Adam and Eve begin to connect the man to the machinery so he can experience the effect of the forbidden fruit. As a result, his perception of reality transforms into a mist, a metaphor for the uncertainty and loss of clarity we often face in life. This nebulous state is the inspiration behind the 'BRUMAS' series, where each painting seeks to capture that feeling of disorientation and search for meaning.

Exploring Uncertainty and Identity

The 'BRUMAS' series falls within contemporary landscape painting, but its scope goes beyond simple visual representations. Each work is a window into my soul, reflecting my struggles and triumphs as an immigrant in the United States. The series addresses universal themes of identity and the human condition, inspired by the fear of losing my Cuban identity while adapting to a new culture.

In my paintings, the mist symbolizes the uncertainty of life. It is a constant reminder that clarity and understanding are not always within reach and that we must navigate through confusion to find our way. Over time, I understood that identity is not lost; instead, it is enriched with new experiences and challenges. This realization is a recurring theme in 'BRUMAS', where the interplay of light and shadow creates an emotionally charged landscape that invites the viewer to reflect.

The Creative Process

My approach to creating 'BRUMAS' involves the use of acrylic on canvas and watercolor, techniques that allow for the creation of unique textures and details. Each brushstroke is an attempt to capture the essence of the mist and the emotional state it represents. The combination of dark colors and shadows, inspired by Turner's landscapes, adds a layer of unease and depth to each piece.

In addition to painting, music plays a crucial role in my creative process. The 'BRUMAS' series includes several musical compositions that complement and enrich the visual experience. This combination of art and music creates an immersive environment that allows the viewer to connect on a deeper level with the works.

The Encrypted Meaning

All the paintings in 'BRUMAS' are coded, and their meanings are encrypted in the parable. It is a constant dialogue between text and image, where each element has a purpose and a story to tell. The parable, which began as a small story, has become a series of unpublished poems that continue to evolve alongside my art.

Final Reflections

The 'BRUMAS' series is not just a collection of paintings; it is an ongoing exploration of the human condition and identity. Through the parable that inspires it, I invite viewers on an introspective journey where the mist represents uncertainty and the search for clarity. It is a reminder that, although life can be confusing and disorienting, there is always beauty and meaning in the journey.

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