Desvanecimiento: Reflections on the Human Condition in the Paintings of Abisay Puentes

Desvanecimiento: Reflections on the Human Condition in the Paintings of Abisay Puentes

Art has always been a path for spiritual and personal exploration for me. The "Desvanecimiento" series is a clear manifestation of this journey. Created in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this series reflects the struggles and existential torments we face as humanity in times of crisis.

When the pandemic hit, I found myself, like many others, in a state of deep reflection. The disease was ravaging us, and while I fought for my health and that of my family, I was forced to confront the harshest realities of our existence. This series became a means to channel those emotions and to explore the human condition in its most raw and vulnerable form.

In "Desvanecimiento," the characters I paint are trapped in desolate and somber landscapes, symbols of our constant struggle for freedom and redemption. These figures are not mere characters but symbolic representations of our own anxieties and hopes. They are stranded in environments that, although physical, represent mental and emotional states of confinement and despair.

A distinctive aspect of this series is the integration of sound elements. Music has always been an integral part of my creative process, and in "Desvanecimiento" I sought to take this integration to a new level. Each visual piece is accompanied by a musical composition that complements and amplifies the emotional experience of the work. For example, in one of the pieces, the sound component "Lamento II" is played through headphones attached to the artwork. This musical lament not only adds an auditory dimension but also completes the overall sense of the proposal, immersing the viewer in a multisensory dialogue.

The title of the series, "Desvanecimiento," perfectly captures the essence of what I want to convey. In these times of uncertainty, many of the things we take for granted seem to vanish before our eyes. The arrogance, pride, and lack of faith that surround us are challenged by the fragility of our human condition. In my paintings, this is reflected through the symbolic interaction between the subject and elements like the mask-machine, representations of the internal and external struggles we face.

My characters, with their soft bodies and small heads, symbolize the contradiction between our desires and the limitations we face. They are conditioned by a fatal anchor that prevents them from advancing freely. This tension is manifested in the voluminous and wounded flesh of my colossi, a symbol of the affront to our possibility of expansion and fulfillment.

The "Desvanecimiento" series also explores the idea of existential transmutation. My figures often appear as souls in captivity, trapped in an intermediate state between anguish and solace. These images echo the tormented characters of El Greco, but without the mysticism; instead, there is a palpable physical and psychological pain. The figures strive to ascend to a transcendental dimension of humanity, seeking to escape the bonds that tie them to present circumstances.

Working on this series, I have realized that despite the despair, there is a persistent quest for autonomy and defiance against power. My characters, though burdened by a heavy Sisyphean load, continue to fight for freedom, reflecting my own personal battle before emigrating.

It is in this series that I have been able to further explore the symbiotic relationship between music and painting. Music, with its ability to evoke deep emotional states, becomes a natural extension of my paintings. This fusion not only enriches the viewer's experience but also adds layers of meaning that go beyond the visual.

My goal with "Desvanecimiento" is to invite the viewer to a profound reflection on their own existence. I want these works to be a mirror in which they see their own fears, hopes, and struggles. By confronting these images, I hope they find a space for introspection and, perhaps, a sense of redemption.

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I hope these articles not only enrich your understanding of my work but also inspire you to delve deeper into the world of art and its many dimensions. Thank you for joining me on this artistic and spiritual journey!

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