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I want to share with you my latest work: it was my version of "Moonlight" composed by Claude Debussy. You can enjoy it by clicking on the CD cover below.

...As I have explored the fusion between image and sound, the work of Wassily Kandinsky has provided an inspirational model.  Kandinsky’s ideas have entered my referential inspiration through my absorption of his intentionality as expressed in “Concerning the Spiritual in Art,” where he wrote:
“... The most modern musicians like Debussy create a spiritual impression, often taken from nature, but embodied in purely musical form. For this reason Debussy is often classed with the Impressionist painters on the ground that he resembles these painters in using natural phenomena for the purposes of his art. Whatever truth there may be in this comparison merely accentuates the fact that the various arts of today learn from each other and often resemble each other.”​
     Further down, he also stated:
“… And so at different points along the road are the different arts, saying what they are best able to say, and in the language which is peculiarly their own. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, the differences between them, there has never been a time when the arts approached each other more nearly than they do today, in this later phase of spiritual development.”

​It is precisely in these concepts, as expressed by Kandinsky, that I have employed in developing the symbiotic aspects of my work.  Evidently, artistic evolution since Kandinsky has continued from when he left us with these concepts.  Contemporary Art has moved beyond Kandinsky’s legacy as it has departed from traditional conventions of artistic process and outcome.  Despite such changes, the elemental spirituality of art does not change; and it is within the parameters of this conceptual structure that I create my work.  In my artistic practice and intentionality, I seek to join the visual aspects of painting to the aural space of melody or pure sound in a manner that communicates this fusion.​..

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